Key features

  • Excellent castability
  • High and consistent metal quality
  • Low level of impurities and trace elements

Product details

Alloys are produced as continuous cast or mold cast ingots. The products are stacked and strapped into bundles of various sizes. Depending on the particular production source, our foundry alloy ingots are supplied in weights of 5-6 kg, and bundle weights can range from 500-800 kg.

Most used alloy groups:

  • ADC12 – alloys
  • ADC6 – alloys
  • HS1 – alloys
  • AC4B alloys
  • LM24 alloys
  • LM6 alloys
  • HD4 – alloys

Application areas

Automotive and transport:

  • Wheels
  • Chassis components as brake parts and suspension parts
  • Cylinder heads

Other applications:

  • Electrical applications
  • Decorative / anodized applications and/or where highest corrosion resistance is sought